It's Very Berry Good

You’ve got to love berries! They’re the perfect snack for when you’re hungry - natural, bite-sized and delicious; they’re every dieter’s dream. But here’s another reason for them to be your best friends: they’ve got enough nutrients and health benefits to make your nutritionist explode with joy.

Wait, What Did You Say?

You heard right. From improving your skin and helping you see better, to preventing cancer, berries do a great job of keeping you healthy. Here’s how:

  1. Goji berries- Known for improving sexual vitality and promoting happiness and longevity, Goji berries also protect liver from damage and help people respond better to cancer treatment.

  2. Blueberries - These berries contain antioxidants and can prevent cell deterioration and repair cells that are already damaged. They can also drastically reduce the risk of heart disease, varicose veins, haemorrhoids and even ulcers, glaucoma and cataracts. They even reduce cell damage that that can lead to cancer.

  3. Acai berries- These are known healers and energy boosters. However, they also maintain heart health, reduce cholesterol levels and slow ageing.

  4. Bilberries - These work wonders for your eyes! They improve night vision; lower your risks of macular degeneration and cataract. They also help maintain the lining of the blood vessels and promote good circulation.

  5. Strawberries - Rich in antioxidants and immunity boosters, strawberries also protect your brain and prevent the growth and spreading of some liver and oesophageal cancers.

  6. Blackberries - Also known as mulberries, these berries control your cholesterol levels and have compounds that prevent oral and colon cancer from forming and spreading.

  7. Cherries - The best by far of all, cherries help you regulate your sleep rhythms and get enough rest. They also lessen muscular and joint discomfort.

  8. Cherries - They not just taste great but they are also rich in fibre, so, significantly lower any risk of heart disease you might have.

  9. Cranberries - They prevent recurring Urinary Tract Infections and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, slow progression of tumours and promote great oral health.

How Great Is This?!

Pretty great, huh? So the next time you decide to binge on a huge bowl of cranberries or sink your teeth into an amazingly juicy strawberry and feel guilty for eating so much, just remember, you’re doing it for your health.

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