Unani medicines: Natural medicines to Gain Weight

Unani Medicines: Natural Medicines To Gain Weight

Unani medicine as the name suggests originated in Greece or unan.

It was the Greek philosopher physician “HIPPOCRATES” who freed medicine from the realm of superstition and magic and gave the status of science. He is referred as the "father of medicine. Unani System of Medicine is the natural way of treatment with the help of unani herbal medicines for almost every major disease.

In today’s modern world where looks and physical appearance are taken as an important criteria to judge people, there are many people whose one question is quite legitimate and that frustrates them because they find themselves on the light end of the scale. Those people always keep asking others how to gain weight.

Ayurveda believes that decrease in weight occurs due to imbalance in energies of the body. This results in fat depletion from the body. In certain cases the person even loses muscle mass and becomes skinny. So, a natural way to gain weight is through Unani Medicine. Its herbal supplements for weight gain help one in a natural way. Unani, a natural medicines where remedies are prepared from naturally occurring herbs, plant leaf and flower etc. That’s why it is a traditional system of healing and health maintenance.It is widely used system of medicine with wonderful results and no side effects.

Unani medicines provide basic nutrients for growth and maintenance of life. Unani has ample of herbs that help to maintain the body metabolism. It brings the hyper metabolic state to normal levels thereby building up body fat and muscle mass.

Also the Unani herbs for weight gain help reduce the bad cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol levels in the body and hence maintain the required weight. It is a completely safe and natural system of medicine.

Being underweight adversely affects one’s health. It can cause many disorders in the body. Here unani medicines use the beneficial powers of many of the herbs and combine them into our strong weight gain supplements. These medicines are easily available at many shops in the market as well as through number of online stores.

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