"The greatest wealth is Health"


History and our rich heritage have firmly walked the path of natural treatments and therapies for eons and eons. There is no denying or prophesying that because the scores of people then have only known and followed natural medicines. Therefore, laying the stress on Alternative Medicine, it is undeniably true that it is the Original Medicine, since it has been around from times immemorial, and has delivered, defined and delineated time-tested therapies, formulas and medications which were and is derived from nature.

Introducing Health Socho

If you are conscious and seek more understanding about natural health and wellness, then Health Socho, a discovery and recommendation platform that started operations in August 2016 is the place for you.

Our youthful start-up offers a platform to populate products and medicines that focus purely on the AYUSH concept. It also helps unravel the many secrets of preventive cure via the alternative medicine/therapy route. So much so, our broad-based categories include:

Ayurveda Yoga Unani Siddha Homeopathy Dietary Supplements Nutraceuticals Medical Devices

Perception- Perseverance-Presence

At Health Socho, we have an unswerving commitment to amplify our products, brands and services so as to benefit the end-user, the customer. And we use these stepping stones to augment and better our market presence, visibility and become a force to reckon with in the alternate medicine, health, and wellness sphere. For this, we steer forward with our ideologies to ensure that we are in sight of what we engineered, envisioned, and envisaged for the Company. And what makes up these ideologies? Simple. The goal which is in the spotlight is fostered by our commitment, perseverance, and continued brand engagement.



Saurabh Satija, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Age : 34 years

Saurabh is the CEO and have a rich experience of 9 + years of experience with stints in various industries like Godfrey Phillips, UB and more recently, Myntra, FlipkartĀ’s online Fashion portal.


Anshul Sikri, Chief Business Officer
Age : 34 years

As the Chief Business Officer, Anshul looks after the finance and other regulatory aspects of the startup.


Nikunj Tyagi, CTO and COO
Age : 34 years

Nikunj plays the role of both CTO and COO in the company and brings 9 years of experience through his stints at Quark Media & Olam International into the table.



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