Learn More About Dry Skin

What is dry skin?

Dry skin is a skin condition where the skin becomes dry due to lack of water retention. It can be marked by itching, cracking and scaling.

The reasons behind THIS occurrence can vary. Skin dryness can appear on any part of the body.



 Skin is generally soft and supple in nature due to its water content. The skin has glands called sebaceous glands which produce a substance called sebum (A mixture of fatty acids, sugars, wax and other natural chemicals) to prevent the loss of water from the outer layer of the skin. The sebum forms a protective layer on the skin and counters the effect of evaporation. If and when there is lack of sebum, the skin feels dry and has lack of water content. The ideal water content of skin should range between 25%-30%. Environmental factors can also cause the sebum to lose water and hence the skin will shrink and crack.

 Symptoms and cure

 Dry skin can be mild and temporary or harsh and even last for a long-term. The symptoms can vary between individuals and body types. Mostly, dry skin is caused due to external factors like long hot showers, soaps, swimming, dry heat, cold weather etc. Although, dry skin can also be caused by bodily changes, medical conditions or treatments like hormonal changes, diabetes, side effects from treatment etc. Dry skin is a treatable condition if home remedies like moisturizing and drinking plenty of water work then there is no need to worry but if the skin doesn’t improve then it is advisable to seek professional help.



Most people who have dry skin are perfectly normal and healthy. There is no need to be alarmed. Over time, dry skin can become worse and harder to treat, therefore it should not be left untreated, especially for those who are experiencing it for a long time.

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