The Potent Triphala Compound and its Pluses

Triphala literally means 3 fruits and is composed of Amla, Haritaki and Vibhitaki. It is a 100% natural herbal compound. 

  • Amla – Helps the natural functioning of the liver and immune system and also provides a cooling effect.
  • Haritaki – Known to remove toxins from the body and maintain healthy weight levels. Though hot in nature, in combination with the other two herbs, its heating effect is limited.
  • Vibhitaki– Backs the respiratory system.

The three herbal fruits work together to take care of the body by moderately promoting cleansing of all the internal conditions and stagnation and at the same time working on improving digestion and assimilation.

Triphala effectively purifies blood which rouses bile secretion as it detoxifies the liver. It also contributes to the useful cleaning of the colon and by acting as a laxative it rejuvenates the digestive tracts membrane lining. It acts mildly and hence does not cause cramps or irritation while acting as a laxative. It also has the tendency to bring down excessive weight.

Helps in colon cleansing by gently stimulating the walls of the intestine and restoring tone to the colon and therefore, aiding in elimination of waste which provides a cleansing effect.

The herbal extract also helps to maintain good eyesight. 

Some more benefits of Triphala are:

  • Cleanses and tonifies the gastrointestinal tract
  • Prevents aging
  • Improves mental facilities
  • Supports bile flow and peristalsis
  • Supports immunity
  • Effective to cure digestive disorders
  • Furthers liver health
  • Advocates blood pressure and blood circulation
  • Detoxifies the entire body and in turn develops digestion and assimilation
  • Acts as a colon cleaner
  • Relieves mild constipation
  • Natural antioxidants

To conclude

Triphala supports the entire body and hence it is used often in Ayurveda. This Ayurvedic Digestion herb combination is popular as it cleanses and detoxifies the system while at the same time supplying it with nutrition and nourishing it. It is very well known in Ayurveda because is supports all the three doshas – which in turn promote a healthy body, even in the long run. So what are you waiting for, grab your pack of Triphala Hills 60 Tablets: Healthy Digestion pack and get healthy and fit and raring to go!

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