Benefits of Multani Mitti: Fuller's earth

Multani also known as fuller’s earth is a name derived from its origin as it is found in Multan a place in Pakistan. It is a very friendly skin care product. It looks like a regular mud but it has numerous properties. Multani mitti works wonder on every type of skin whether it is oily or dry skin. There is no better cure for skin related issues better than Multani mitti as it is a great agent to clean, exfoliate and nourish your skin. It has active elements that absorb dirt, oil, sweat and impurities leaving the skin soft and supple.

Having an oily skin is very irritating, especially in summers. Oily skin is accompanied by sweat, it becomes havoc. Multani mitti is beneficial for getting rid of the dark spots. Applying Multani mitti to the dark spots helps to control it. It is best known for curing the problems of oily skin. Applying Multani mitti in a form of paste will get you relief from oily skin. Multani mitti also helps in pigmentation. Applying it to tanned portion reduces tan.

As we grow older, our skin starts showing signs of aging. These signs of aging include wrinkles which are a consequence of loose skin. There is a remedy to these wrinkles and that is with the help of Multani Mitti. Applying it to the face helps in reducing the wrinkles. You can also reduce your scars and pimples through the use of Multani mitti.

Multani mitti also has a capability of acting as an antiseptic. Using Multani mitti over the injured spot gets it healed within no time. The exceptional antiseptic qualities of Multani Mitti are the reason, why it is being used in many products nowadays.

Multani mitti is a highly beneficial. Include it in your daily beauty regimen. It works effectively and is cheap on your pocket too.

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