Sleep Management Promotes Weight Loss


Numerous researches have been conducted to check if sleep actually leads to weight loss or not and in all cases it was found that the control group which was allowed to have 8 hours of sleep could reduce their weight faster than the group that had only 4 hours of sleep in a day. This article focuses on various factors that leads to a successful weight loss program if accompanied with proper sleep.

How Sleep Management Promotes Weight Loss

  • Growth Hormone

Sleep leads to the formation of growth hormones. Growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and is responsible for promoting cell regeneration, growth as well as reproduction. An increased level of growth hormones produced by 8 hours of sleep leads to an increase in metabolism which further leads to the burning of excess fat present in the body and aids in reducing the body weight.

  • Cortisol Hormone

8 hours of sleep helps in lowering down the cortisol levels in your body. Higher levels of cortisol in the body cause breaking down of protein into glucose. If this glucose does not get utilized in the body, it gets stored as fat. As these fat deposits increase in the body, your body weight also increases. Therefore it is very important for you to sleep properly so that the cortisol levels in your body remain low.

  • Hunger and Appetite suppressant Hormones

Leptin, which is also an appetite suppressant hormone and Ghrelin, which is also a hunger hormone, is released in the body by fat cells and stomach respectively. If an individual does not have 8 hours of proper sleep, the levels of leptin decrease in the body and the levels of ghrelin increase. This leads to an increase in appetite and finally results in the increase of body weight.


Sleep has been identified as the most important component in losing excess body weight. Bodybuilders often extend their body building session at the cost of sleep which leads to the formation of loose muscles. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have 8 hours of sound sleep in order to achieve your weight loss goal.

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