Methi- A Boon for Lactating Mothers

Methi (Fenugreek) is a blessing for women who have just welcomed babies into the world! Many women face lactating issues and it is a big issue since newborns have to be given breast milk. So in case any of you are experiencing the same issue, then Methi is the way to go! It has been used since eons to help lactating women and through various experiments it has been observed that diosgenin a compound found in Methi helps increase milk production.

The Unbelievable effect of Methi and Milk Production

Methi helps in balancing hormones and hence may be one of the reasons that it increases milk supply. Research studies show that Methi increases the production of milk by at least 500 percent in most women within 24 to 72 hours. It is still not known how Methi increases these chances but it is widely speculated that since it helps release sweat easily and your breasts being mammary glands with the same logic increases the release of milk. Scientists believe that it maybe the oil in the Methi seeds that aids with this process.

How much to consume

Again, it may not be the case with every woman; some respond quickly whereas a few women have shown no signs of improvement. Methi can be consumed in the form of capsules about 2-3 at a rate of 3 times per day or it can even be consumed in the form of Tea. Although, it is better to stop consumption once your urine/sweat starts smelling like maple syrup or when an adequate milk production level is reached as this indicates that you have consumed just the right amount.


It is highly recommended that pregnant woman not consume Methi at any cost unless and until if there is difficulty during labour. Also, it may have side effects on people suffering from diabetes and asthma and if you have any of these conditions, it is essential to be aware and take it accordingly.

Author: Nitya Pydipati

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