Unani medicines: great healing art as well as science

Unani Medicines: Great Healing Art As Well As Science

Unani medicines consists of items such as plants and their parts (leaf, seed, flowers, bark etc.), animal’s organs (liver, brain, fat etc.), mineral and metals (different stones, silver, gold etc.) marine (cuttle fish bone, etc.).

It is also spelled as Yunani Medicine that is a form of traditional medicine which is based on the teachings of Greek physician’s Hippocrates humors viz. blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. Unani medicine is very similar to Ayurveda. It includes similar theories and principles regarding the role of key elements including air, earth, water, and fire. We can say it’s a great healing art as well as science. It treats a person as a whole not as a group of individual parts and aimed at treating body, mind and soul.

It is an ancient system of medicine that uses a wide variety of methods for diagnosing and treating many different medical conditions .Unani system of medicine plays an important role in health care delivery. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the Unani System of Medicine (USM) as an alternative system to cater the health care needs of human population because these medicines are safe and efficacious against diseases like, viral hepatitis, jaundice, malaria, filaria, skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, digestive disorders, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, arthritis, neuromuscular disorders, GIT diseases, sexual disorders, respiratory system disorders and cardiovascular system diseases etc. The medicines are easily accessible, cheaper and relatively safer and affordable to a common man. Hence, the search for alternative products continues and natural phytochemicals isolated from plants used in unani medicine are considered as good alternatives to synthetic chemicals. 

Unani healing is vibrant and vigorous today and is being practiced, taught and researched under its local names in over 20 countries including Afghanistan, China, India, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and USA . India has accepted it as one of the alternative health care system and has given it official status.

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