Shatavari is a Himalayan herb that is going to change your life. It’s an odd looking plant that peculiarly resembles asparagus. The flowers, leaves and fruits are usually ignored because it’s the root everyone is after.


Why is that?

Well, when the root is crushed and mixed with other herbs like Ashwagandha and had as a drink, it acts as a health tonic for women which revitalises the female body and strengthens it.

  1. - It’s diuretic properties help clean out toxins from the blood. This improves blood flow and circulation of oxygen within the body.

  2. - It helps regulate the secretion of hormones in the body and hence maintains overall hormonal balance.

  3. - It improves digestion and metabolism, keeping you fit.

  4. - Shatavari strengthens the immune system.

  5. - It also helps rejuvenate and strengthen the female reproductive system.

Oh, and for all you men out there, don’t feel left out. Other than reproductive benefits, Shatavari will have the same effect on you!


Where can I find it?

Shatavari is easily available in coffee along with chicory. When in this form, it’s easier to consume without really having to deal with the taste.

These coffees are crafted specially keeping the requirements of a female body and its health in mind.

I haven’t heard of it before….

That’s okay, because you’re hearing about it now! It isn’t very easily available in its natural form. Shatavari is a very rare herb that only grows in the Himalayas under very specific conditions. These conditions can’t be replicated artificially, so it’s impossible to grow it outside of its natural habitat.

Fortunately, it is grown in abundance and it is harvested and brought to you in a very stomach able form.

So get your hands on a hot cup of Shatavari coffee and drink to your heart’s content. Remember, this coffee just might save your life!

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