Paget disease


Paget’s disease is a hormone-related disorder that makes the bone cells reproduce all over the place causing bones to grow abnormally and eventually fractures occur frequently. We don’t know what exactly it’s caused by but it seems to be most common as people age.


So How Does It Affect People?

Paget’s disease is a lot like osteoporosis, but not exactly the same. It is more localized than osteoporosis, meaning that it only affects one or two bones and doesn’t spread. But the way it affects your body might depend on which part is affected. In addition to pain, it can also cause the following:

-  In the skull, an overgrowth of the skull bones can cause headaches and even loss of hearing.

- Pelvic Paget’s, happens around the waist, and can cause terrible pains in the backside.

- Paget’s in the spine can compress your nerves and cause pain, tingling, or even numbness in your arms and legs.

- If the bones in your legs are affected and weakened by Paget’s, your legs might become bow-legged and extra growth might put too much pressure on the joints which are close by.


You Said Something About Treating It Naturally?

It is possible to manage Paget’s naturally, just as long as it’s done responsibly. What does that mean? Well, exercise is an important part of it. Not heavy duty running or weights, but just walking can do wonders.

It is also very important to get a healthy amount of Vitamin D and calcium. Calcium helps your bones become stronger and Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium better.

Basically, for the war against Paget’s, you need a good reserve of strong bones in your artillery. Maintaining bone density is your best bet for coming out of an onslaught of Paget’s unscathed. So listen to your mum: it’s time to drink milk and go out and play again! 

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