An All-natural Herbal Blood Cleanser

An important component in our body, the blood, performs various functions. Some of these functions involve the provision of nutrients and oxygen to different parts of the body and at the same time ferry the waste and carbon dioxide away from them. Various organs and individual cells depend on the blood to function normally and effectively. Hence, if there is a health condition which affects the heart or blood, the entire body in parallel gets affected. The detoxification, cleansing of blood is imperative to keep it free from toxins and impurities. This function is primarily carried out by three systems – the liver, kidney and lymphatic system.

By detoxifying and cleansing the blood, toxins, fungus, bacteria and viruses are eliminated from the blood which then provides the footing for healthy living. This can be brought about by cleansing and strengthening the liver so that it effectively examines the blood and expels the unwanted material which causes harm.

Herbs are generally used to clean and dismiss waste from the body. But the liver and kidneys are also popular in the purification of the body.

Hemohills – Blood Purifier

A blend of unique and natural herbs, Hemohills are blood purification tablets which help and support the body in the process of detoxification. Some of the main ingredients of Hemohills are – Manjishtha, Sariva, Balharde, Haritaki and Triphala.

  • Manjishtha – Popular in Ayurveda as it is known as the best blood purifier which also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • Sariva – In addition to being  popular for its blood purifying ability, it also has cooling effects and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • Balharde – Known to be an astringent, tonic & blood purifier
  • Triphala – Proves effectiveness in cleansing blood and bowels. A colon cleanser which also assists in natural cleansing. It also stimulates the liver.
  • Haritaki – Helps in cleansing the system as it is an eminent laxative

Benefits of Hemohills

  • Exceptional blood purifier
  • Assists in detoxification
  • Aids in removing toxins and also cleansing the colon
  • Useful in treating skin disorders
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system


Nowadays, who isn’t looking for a natural blood purifier programme which is also an herbal blood cleanser programme? With Hemohills, you can get multiple benefits and a healthy living solution too!

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