Antacids: Quick Way To Fight Acidity

What are ANTACIDS ?

Antacids are a group of medicine which contribute to neutralizing acids in the stomach.


What are ANTACIDS used for ?

It is mainly used for people suffering from acidity. This is also known as heartburn.


What causes acidity?

To help digestion, the stomach produces natural acids which help kill bacteria and germs. The body has a mucous membrane which helps protects the stomach lining from the corrosive acid. When the natural defence of the body stops working, the acid escapes into the stomach, which is when you feel the burning sensation in your throat or oesophagus. This is known as acid reflux. Acidity is an uncomfortable and unsettling feeling wherein one experiences a burning sensation and pain in the chest area and behind the sternum – where the neck ends.


How do antacids work?

Sometimes, the natural acid present in the stomach becomes too much, so much so, that the stomach is not able to handle it. Antacids work by neutralizing the acid affect. Antacids contain bases which are the opposite of acids and due to this, the neutralization process takes place. This process renders acids less corrosive and it in turn helps the burning sensation and pain to subside.


How well does it work?

They are known to weaken the stomach acids the moment they make contact, which is why they are the fastest available source of relief for acidity. It generally works well on people who experience discomfort occasionally. This could be because of eating out or not eating for long periods of time. But on the other hand, severe acidity which is known as GERD (gastro oesophageal reflux disease) has the same primary symptom of acidity/heartburn which is a burning sensation and pain and which is why it is often mistaken to be Acidity. But on the other hand, a case of constant repeated acidity could be a sign of GERD.

When in discomfort, antacids are a good bet which can help relieve symptoms quickly.

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