Many of us have hormonal imbalances. Whether they are genetically inherited or they are because of our lifestyles, they are problems that we have to deal with. So maybe it is time for us to understand them better.


What Causes These Hormonal Imbalances?

A lot of the reasons behind hormonal imbalances are out of our control. Unfortunately, that’s a fact that offers no comfort when you start losing hair because your hormones are acting up. Understanding why these things happen and how they affect us, can go a long way in fighting them.

  1. Age - Your hormonal regulation can go haywire as you age. Your body is changing and your hormones need time to get used to the idea. Here women have it slightly worse because changes in their bodies are a lot more complex and they happen a lot faster.

  2. Food and exercise - Reading those words everywhere when it comes to healthcare is gruelling. Can’t a person eat fifty burgers and not get stressed out about it? Apparently not! If you are too stressed out about something, your body gets flooded with cortisol and begins to respond slower. To get your body back on track, you have to take special care to maintain your diet.

  3. Excessive weight - Apart from many other things, being overweight can also make your hormones act crazy. When your body is flooded with too much sugar, it begins to resist and hold back its supply of insulin. Because of this, food can no longer be broken down properly and energy is not produced, making you feel lazier. It’s a vicious cycle.


Can An Imbalance Be Balanced?

Fortunately, yes. Science and nature have proved that there are numerous solutions to this one problem. From binging on berries to drinking a hot cup of tea or coffee, there are ways to get rid of, or at least control hormonal imbalance, if you have one.

You can’t always Google your problems away. You need to take care and pay attention too.

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