Acne Outbursts at all ages? Why? What does it indicate?

Acne is a common term to describe pimples, blackheads and whiteheads which occur on the skin or face due to the clogging of the pores in the skin by natural oil secretions, dead bacteria and skin cells. It seemingly affects people of all age groups but the factors and frequency may be different. Now let’s look at a couple reasons why this occurs across various age groups and what are the indicators.

Causes of Forehead Acne in-


It occurs with amazing regularity in teenagers due to the hormonal changes in puberty and is considered to be a very normal part of growing up. It occurs on almost all parts of the face and usually disappears as the person ages.

The 20-40 age groups:

In certain situations, the forehead is more prone to develop an acne outburst as compared to other parts of the face. The most common factors are-

  • Use of certain cosmetics
  • Due to the effects of certain hair styling products
  • Abrasion caused due to sharp combs, metallic hair bands, helmets, unwashed hats and caps
  • Due to the effect of dandruff and an oily scalp
  • Very frequent removal of blackheads
  • Increased amount of spices and oil in the diet
  • Overstimulation of the forehead by caressing the area to remove the dirt which is not there
  • Trapping of sweat during exercises due to non-absorbable sweat bands

The 40s and those attaining menopause:

The above causes mentioned can contribute to an acne attack in a middle-aged person and in addition to this that attack can be due to hormonal changes that occur in the pre-menstrual conditions and due to an increase in androgens and a decrease in the levels of testosterones.

The 50s:

Stress that increases the level of androgens, various drugs that stimulate the libido, abnormal keratinisation of the skin, overuse of cosmetics, excessive facial treatments are all known to exacerbate the acne.

The 60s and above:

Increased levels of testosterone, psychotropic medications, use of tranquilizers and hormonal medications etc are the most common causes.

The primary aim of the treatment to contain acne is to identify the causative factor and to modify it accordingly. The face should be kept clean by washing it gently twice a day. But overdoing it will be counterproductive. The skin of the affected area should not be stimulated by continuous wiping with the aim of keeping it clean.

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