Arthritis homeopathy

Alternative Therapies for Viral Arthritis- Homeopathy

Viral Arthritis is a two-part disease: The first part is the viral infection, the second part is arthritis caused as a result of the infection. There is no prescribed cure for the condition. You can take medicine as you would in a normal viral infection. The joint pain and inflammation usually subsides by itself within a few days or weeks.

There is no real allopathic therapy for Viral Arthritis. Homeopathy, however, offers multiple treatment options for arthritis. This method of treatment seeks to eliminate the problem from its root. Medicine courses in Homeopathy are usually long. The effects of Homeopathic medicines take a while to become visible but are long-lasting as compared to other treatment forms.

Homeopathic medicine is usually given to a patient based on their medical history. This is done in order to treat the symptoms effectively. On a broader scale, these are medicines used in the treatment of arthritis:


?       When movement causes decrease in pain

?       Resting causes more problems with joints stiffening up

?       Damp weather causes pain to increase


?       Taken when movement causes more pain in joints

?       Combined with a little pressure on joints and rest, the medicine will help alleviate symptoms


?       Taken when there is swelling in joints

?       Pain in joints is characterized by burning and stinging sensations


?       Used for patients who experience sudden, throbbing pain in their joints

?       Joints feel hot and are swollen to a great extent


?       When joints appear swollen and a dark red colour

?       Taken for those times when pain is felt in one joint at a time and pain keeps shifting.

These are a few commonly used medicines for treating viral arthritis pain through Homeopathy. Doses vary from individual to individual. Medicine is usually in the form of white pellets that are to be kept under the tongue until they dissolve. Since the treatment is extremely personalized, it should be done under the care, supervision and advice of a licensed homeopath professional. Different people with the same disease are likely to get different medicines and doses because of their medical history. So in case you end up comparing notes with another patient, don’t be alarmed!

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