Ashoka tree

Ashoka Tree: A Woman's Best Friend

If there was ever one particular tree that was mentioned in the Ayurveda repeatedly, it was the Ashoka tree. The tree contains active ingredients that help provide relief for a number of problems experienced by the female body. Internal or external, the tree has a cure for everything,

How Will You Find It?

The Ashoka Tree grows in regions with a rainforest type of climate. In India, it can be found in the Deccan Plateau or Western Ghats region. The species (Saracaasoca or Saracaindica) is currently classified as vulnerable, with dwindling numbers.

Each part of this wonderful tree can be used as medicine. The bark, seeds, and flowers all have different properties that help cure different ailments. The Ashoka tree is easily identifiable with its lush green foliage and bright orange-red flowers that grow in clusters on branches. It is also a popular choice to cultivate in home gardens.

What Does It Cure?

Well, just about everything uterus or skin related. Ashoka has been referred to as the tree for women in a lot of Ayurvedic texts. And there are concrete reasons behind it. Whether you are suffering from an internal uterine problem or an external skin problem, Ashoka extract or powder can help. Since it is all natural, there are no known side effects. Available in capsule, tonic and supplement form, Ashoka is rightly known as the sorrow-less tree.

Improves skin complexion

Regulates menstrual cycle

Curbs excessive menstrual bleeding

Can be used to treat skin burns or other irritation

Detoxifies the body and purifies the blood stream

Prevents skin allergies and skin inflammation

Natural treatment for acne

Do I just Chew The Flower?

No, please do not do that. Listed below are some ways in which the individual parts of the tree are used: 

Bark: The Ashoka tree’s bark is used to make cosmetics for skin that are not harmful in any manner

Bark + Flowers+ Leaves: A tonic of all three purifies blood, and the result is a healthy you with a glowing skin

Bark decoction: Helps reduce skin inflammation (can be used as a wash)

Extracts from Ashoka tree: The active ingredients work as a natural analgesic for pain relief and treat skin burns

You can find different Ashoka powders and medicines on the market. If you are going to consume extracts of the Ashoka tree as a supplement, please consult a doctor.

A Miracle Tree

For women suffering from extensive cramps, bleeding or other period problems, a natural remedy is nothing short of a miracle. The side effects that come with allopathic medicines are eliminated when you switch to herbal remedies.

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