Benefits of Chitrak Root for a Strong Liver

Knowledge about medicinal plants and roots has been a keystone for human’s survival over the centuries. Africans, Americans, and Asians have all studied their local species of plants which can be beneficial to them in their time of need. Ayurveda has vast knowledge of Indian plants, herbs, and roots which have therapeutic and healing properties. Chitrak is one such medicinal plant which can strike a balance between different doshas in the body. The plant grows in two varieties however; the one with white flowers is used to make medicines. Chitrak root is light brown in colour on the outside and white on the inside.

Chitrak root is powerful in subsiding Vata dosha that originates due to Agni (digestive fire). Hectic schedules demand that many of us eat food outside or in an untimely manner. These erratic eating habits lead to digestive problems such as gas, burping, bloating, belching, and acid reflux. Chitrak root powder, when mixed with honey, milk, and ghee can help in settling digestive discomfort.

Benefits of Chitrak

Chitrak root powder is easy to digest, though it has a strong pungent taste. It has anti-inflammatory properties which keep the stomach calm and improve digestion. Improved digestion means that the processed nutrients which are sent to the liver can be filtered easily and then sent to the other parts of the body. The liver plays an essential role in the digestion process as it breaks down and creates amino acids from proteins and glycogen from sugar. The human body requires amino acid and glycogen to build more energy. Chitrak root is available as a liver tonic as it enhances the liver functions.

Chitrak is a known Rasayan, which means one that increases longevity of life. It builds immunity and rejuvenates the body. The benefit of the root is that it stimulates appetite which helps in providing the required nourishment. Chitrak also has antioxidant properties thus helpful in curing skin rashes and used in medication to treat leprosy. Additionally, the herb is used to treat diseases such as liver disease, ringworms, bronchitis, and dysentery. Chitrak root powder has many benefits and is available for rekindling the digestive power and improving liver functions in the body.

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