As we get older, so do our bodies. This usually means creaky, breaky and overall painful joints. This can be quite annoying, especially when this stops you from doing the things you really want to.


Why Do Joint Pains Start As You Grow Older?

Well, as you grow older, your bones begin to change; and not for the better. When your bones age, they begin to lose tissue which makes them less dense and therefore they are much weaker than they were once upon a time. This increases any chance you might have of breaks or fractures by a lot.


Joint pains can be caused by many things that come with age.

  1. Not exercising enough can make you lose bone mass and drastically weaken your bones.

  2. Hormonal changes in women as their bodies change can also cause the loss of minerals in bone tissue, making their bones and joints weaker and more prone to damage.

  3. With age, it is common to lose certain minerals like calcium, which are meant to keep your bones and joints healthy and strong. Without them, your body becomes weak and doesn’t work as well as it used to.


Is There Any Way To Fight Off These Pains? 

Fortunately, yes, there are many. It’s not just the causes that are so varied but the cure and preventatives are too! There’s a lot you can do to avoid having to deal with aching joints and breaking bones.

  1. Exercise - Exercising can help keep your bones strong. When they’re not used, your bones begin to lose bone tissue and their basic strength. Regular exercise can keep your bones healthy and keep you from having to suffer from painful joints.

  2. Eating healthy- Eating a well-balanced diet is of utmost importance if you have weak bones and joints. You might hate them now but vegetables and meat help your bones stay strong and healthy.

  3. Calcium - Your body needs calcium to maintain the strength and structure of your bones. Without calcium your joints can become weak and creaky.

  4. Sunlight - Well actually, just Vitamin D. All the calcium in the world isn’t going to save your joints if you don’t get enough Vitamin D. This is because Vitamin D helps your body absorb and utilize calcium as best as it can.


It is important that you keep your joints and your bones healthy. It’s also always best to start out early with these things, before joint pains become giant pains.

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