Cow Ghee, was the main ingredient in many Indian dishes, however now it is used by chef and nutritionists as they experience the qualities it brings to their dishes. Cow ghee is probably the most sacred, spiritual and physically health beneficial substance that is ever known to human beings. If a person is allergic to dairy products, need not be allergic to ghee because it is very beneficial for human body. Ghee is also referred to as clarified butter.

Cow ghee is very beneficial for skin and hair. It moisturizes whole body from inside out, keeps the skin young, recover the dry lips, skin burn and helps in smooth functioning of all parts. It is very essential in treating split ends and conditioning of the hair. It gives wonderful taste in the food while cooking. If you want to gain weight try consuming calorie dense food along with cow ghee. The surprising thing is ghee also can help in weight loss if you consume little of ghee along with sensible diet. It is advised that ghee is very beneficial for pregnant ladies and their child. It is also very beneficial for dry cough and reduces the cholesterol level. Ghee is advised for application over bleeding wounds for cooling and quick wound healing effect.

Healthy people may have cow ghee around 10 to 15 g a day to get necessary nutrients like vitamins A, D, E, and K, minerals, fatty acids, protein etc. One tablespoon of ghee provides around 135 calories.

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