Can Diabetes affect Sexual Health in men?

Synopsis: Many studies have shown that diabetes is said to affect the sexual health in men, leading to low libido as well as erectile dysfunction/impotence issues.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is basically a disease which causes a rise in the sugar levels in our blood and can be of many types including Type 1, Type 2, Pre-diabetes, Gestational diabetes etc. Symptoms include blurred vision, respiratory problems, gastric trouble, urinary problems, libido issues, etc.  It is said that sexual health for over half the men who have diabetes is affected.

How does diabetes affect sexual health in men?

Men with diabetes tend to experience erectile dysfunction 10-15 years ahead of the others. Especially, the ones who are overweight or are suffering from Type 2 have twice the chances to produce lower testosterone. For those above 50 years of age, there are 50-60% chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction and this number increases to 95% when the person hits an age above 70!

Why does this happen you may wonder? So to get an erection a man should obviously be sexually stimulated, have healthy blood vessels, nerves and hormones. Diabetes can cause impairments in the nerves, alter the hormonal levels and affect the blood vessels leading to this issue. Damage in vessels disrupts the flow of the blood to genital areas making it difficult to have an erection. Damage in the nerves disrupts the communication between the brain and the genitals, leading to a low supply of blood to the penis. Men who have a poorly controlled diabetic life have more chances of being affected.

Sometimes diabetes can also lead to a lowering in the testosterone levels thus decreasing libido, premature or delayed ejaculation. In Ayurvedic terms, it disrupts the doshas along with the rakhta (blood) in the body.

Apart from these obvious reasons, diabetes causes fatigue which also affects your sexual performance. Even depression, or anxiety if brought about by diabetes affects the overall mental wellbeing; this could lower your self-esteem and confidence levels and thus can lead to lower libido levels in men.

Treatments for sexual problems:

You can seek the help of Triphala, drink once every morning; guduchi also shows promising effects in treating sexual problems. Apart from this, look at losing weight and practicing yoga, meditation to cleanse your body!

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