Common Weight Loss Myths

“A myth is an image in terms of which we try to make sense of the world”- Alan Watts

A Preface

We read so much about weight loss here and there these days. Much of the information is correct whereas most of it is stories, myths, or even manipulations of the marketing world or in some cases it could be wrong information too.

A reader may or may not be able to judge the genuineness of the information and therefore ends up developing a myth in mind. This article discusses the various types of myths people have regarding weight loss. 


The lesser I eat, the thinner I will get

This is a common misconception. If a human body does not meet its daily calorie requirement, i.e. fifteen hundred calories for men and twelve hundred calories for women, the body enters into starvation mode during which whatever you eat gets stored in your body. This would never lead to weight loss but is detrimental to the body.

I drink water while I eat

There is no scientific evidence where it has been proved that drinking water with meals increases weight. However, it has been seen that water with meals helps in improving digestion in the body and water had before meals keeps the stomach fuller and we end up eating lesser.

I will take supplements to lose weight

Losing weight with supplements is a false belief that you may have. Marketing companies have created a placebo effect where an individual consuming a particular product has a belief in his mind after seeing the advertisement that he or she will get slim after eating it.

Taking Carbohydrates makes me obese.

It is the most common misconception that people have. Carbohydrates are very important for our body as it provides the energy required for doing various tasks throughout the day. Consume it in adequate quantities. Yes. Agreed that excess of anything is bad. So if you are on a weight loss program, do not simply ignore carbohydrates. Rather, go for a low carbohydrate diet.

Losing Weight is all about Will Power

Obesity is not always related to unhealthy lifestyle. It can sometimes be related to a pre-existing disease or may be genetics. Therefore, losing weight is not always about willpower.


There is a lot of information on the internet that is poorly researched and manipulated. No one can stop anyone from putting up any information on the Internet as it is an open platform. However, the need is to use our discretion and to believe or not to believe all that is put there. It is good to rely on only trusted sources for information so that you do not harm yourself with wrong information.

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