Diabetes is typically a progressive disease caused due to high blood glucose (blood sugar), either because of inadequate production of insulin or because the body's cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. It is the most common disease in age groups of 40+ adults, teenagers and children.

Diabohills is an herbal kit that helps in managing diabetes. And here are its ingredients:

  • Jambu helps bring about healthy blood sugar control and also controls excessive urination during Diabetes.

  • Karela Juice increases insulin level in the body and charantin keeps the glucose low which tends to control sugar levels.

  • Amla absorbs insulin which simultaneously reduces the high sugar level among diabetics. A decrease in blood sugar level means, that glucose is used by the cells as an energy strengthening metabolism function and providing you with more energy.

  • Guduchi is a tropical climber and known as the creeper with Amrit (nectar) in Ayurveda. In diabetic patients due to the disease’s effect on the nerves, there is a loss of sensation in the legs and hands; massaging the affected with Guduchi oil gives great relief. It is used to reduce the blood glucose levels and in a significant way.

  • Gudmar is known as “sugar killer” as it neutralizes the excess sugar present in the body. It affects the tongue as you will not be able to taste any sweetness after chewing its leaves. It is an anti-diabetic, anti-sweetener and anti-inflammatory.


Benefits of Diabohills

  • Helps control blood sugar levels naturally

  • Helpful in blood detoxification

  • Management of diabetes

  • Helps in improving insulin secretion and action

  • Helps to protect tissues

  • Helps in maintaining glucose metabolism

  • Supports normal lipids metabolism


Real Life Aspects of Diabetes

Binding your fear with this lifelong disease is a tough but important choice to make. Go for regular long walks, resist eating sweets and junk food instead substituting them with fresh fruits and vegetables is advisable. Worry less, smile more this automatically keeps your blood glucose level under control. Many experiments have proven that stress is the root cause for diabetes. Follow your recommended diet with great care. Drink at least 6 to 8 cups of water daily.

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