Did You Know -Vitamin Essentials

Vitamins are the powerhouse of a human body. All Vitamin s are essential to aid the smooth running of our system.

  But a lack of or deficiency or even you have Vitamin s that is more than required for your body, it can turn detrimental.

A deficiency will result in certain bodily functions being affected. And if in case, you are taking supplements and are not watching out, it can cause a glut and harm the body indirectly.

A deficiency can be treated by eating the right food groups and food types. Or you could even take a Vitamin supplement or pill so as to balance the body’s requirement for that Vitamin.


*A natural source of Vitamin D is the sun, in spite of this, this deficiency is becoming so widespread and common because of lifestyle and people are always indoors during the day.  And a lot of people have this deficiency and take supplements to alter the same.

*Vitamin D and K are produced by the body. The other Vitamins enter the body through external sources like food and supplements. Therefore, it is imperative to have a variety of foods in your diet.

*All the B Vitamins are complementary to one another – For activating B6, B2 is necessary, to convert B3 into tryptophan B6 and B2 are needed, in order to activate Folic acid, B12 is necessary, the deficiency of B6 reduces the absorption of B12 and so on. Now you know why it’s called Vitamin B Complex.

*If there is a lack of magnesium in your diet, then there is a lack of Vitamin D, no matter how many supplements you take or however long you stand in the sun, this cannot be substituted.

*The requirement of Vitamin C varies from person to person. It depends on their age, health, status, diet etc. Some people might need 10 times the amount as compared to other people.

* There is a misconception that oranges have the most amounts of Vitamin C, but Kiwi and strawberries contain twice the amount!

*Polar bears’ livers are so rich in Vitamin A that if we consume one whole liver, it may become toxic for us.

*Vitamin D3 supplements are made from Lanolin (the wax found on sheep wool)

*Vitamin B2 is used as food colouring because it is so bright in colour

*Lack of B12 especially in older people results in memory loss, difficulty in thinking and reasoning. It generally mimics the symptoms of dementia and hence is always mistaken.  

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