Diet Plan to lose weight for A Blood Group

Synopsis: ‘A’ type blood group has been established among ancestors after they have settled in newer regions. It has been backed by some experiments that following a diet pertaining to your blood diet keeps you healthy and helps you lose weight.

Many of us seek various diets to lose weight in today’s age but have no time or energy to look through and follow to get effective results. Thus, there’s this new diet some medical practitioners have recommended, it is the blood group type diet.

History behind the A Blood Group:

O is the most common blood type and it was among the first to be identified meaning our ancestors who go back to the era of cavemen originated with the O type.  Next came the A blood group, the second highest blood group in the UK, it dates back to 15,000 B.C. when our ancestor’s hunting days were over and they started settling down and harvesting in various regions. This meant they transitioned their diet from meat-eating to an almost vegetarian diet including grains, pulses, vegetables etc.

What makes the A Blood group unique?

The genetic disposition of A blood group is influenced by many chemical factors and it is structured for the person to live a stress-free harmonious life. It bridges away from the hunting phase to the settling phase thus requiring a perfect balance of communication between the mind and body. People with their Blood Group as A are more prone to cardiovascular, cancer problems.

Diet for A Blood Group:

Type A focuses on a particularly vegetarian diet due to the farming lifestyles back in those days. They should follow a strict vegetarian diet but can compensate with lean meats or fish for their protein intake. Nuts, seeds, cereal, rice, fruits and vegetables need to be an active part of your diet. Also, you could indulge in light exercising such as yoga or golf.

Pros and Cons:

There is no definitive proof that this works to help you lose weight but obviously due to the factors that you are cutting back on meat and most dairy will help your diet. Not really recommended but if you want to, you could give it a try for a short period of time.

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