Everyone worth their Salt

Salt is one of those essential parts of our daily diets. It seems quite inconsequential really but if you miss adding it to any food you make, you’ll know almost immediately. But salt is also very important to your health.

Why Do We Need Salt In Our Diets?

Well, salt is basically a mixture of ions or charged particles. The cells in our bodies also contain these charged particles. Salt helps create a sort of polarisation in your cells which helps them get their work done.

  1. Salt also helps our cells absorb certain nutrients like glucose by allowing it to enter the cell.

  2. By osmosis, salt regulates how much water is absorbed or released by the cell, thereby regulating the size of these cells.

  3. Carrying nerve impulses would be impossible without salt because of that polarity. This slight electric charge that is given to the cells is what helps information from the brain move through the nerve cells or neurons.

  4. The sodium that is present in the salt is also a very important mineral for the basic functioning of our bodies. It helps various chemical reactions take place inside the body and also helps manage and maintain our blood pressure

But I Heard That Salt Is Really Bad For You

Well, you didn’t exactly hear wrong. Salt can be bad for you. It increases your risk of developing hypertension and high blood pressure. It can also make you retain a lot of water inside your body, making you swell up like a great big water balloon. All of this is true. But it’s only true if you start over doing it or keep doing so for a long time.

In small or regular amounts, salt is really good for you. In short, everything and anything is good in moderation and this holds good for salt too

What If I Go Off Salt Completely?

That’s probably the worst idea you’ve ever come up with! Even though it can be bad for you if you take too much of it; your body really needs salt. Without it your brain won’t be able to communicate, with your body properly which can lead to some very messy situations. Also, your cells won’t be able to regulate how much food or water they absorb which is quite important for you to stay healthy.

Basically, too much of a good thing can be bad. But here too little, or none, of the good thing could be just as bad for you.

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