Get a Glowing Skin the Au-Naturale Way!

How many times have we looked at celebrities, Bollywood and Hollywood actors and wondered how beautiful and flawless their skin is. On the same line of thought, we also console ourselves that they have flawless skin as they invest in the best beauty products money can buy. Well, that is not entirely true. You too can have that Celebrity skin glow and one that will not even break the bank.

The Recipe for a Perfectly Flawless Glowing Skin

Let us look at some pocket-friendly ways of getting that ‘Celebrity’ skin:

Nutrition – You are what you eat –A statement that is so true. Lack of proper nutrition will lead to dull skin. It is therefore important to have nutrient-rich fibrous food. Digestive problems are the main causes of dull skin due to the resultant skin impurities. The perfect foods that we should ideally consume should be broccoli, fish, nuts, white meat, beetroot, buckwheat, quinoa, and spinach.


Hydration – Water, the universal drink does more than just quench your thirst. It helps in removing impurities from your skin. No matter what beauty regime you follow for your skin, if you do not drink enough water, your regime is as good as useless. It is recommended that you should drink at least 2litres of water every day. Water eliminates toxins from the body and cleanses it. It rids the skin of dryness and wrinkles. So start your beauty therapy by drinking a lot of water.

Avoid the Sun – We all like to bask in the sun and use that as an excuse to get Vitamin D. However this should be done in the mornings, preferably. After 9:00 in the morning, harmful rays of the sun will wreak havoc on our skin. The UV rays are very strong and they damage the skin’s texture. Not only that, too much exposure to sun can also lead to skin cancer.

Exfoliation – This will get rid of the dull lifeless surface cells of the skin. Natural exfoliators like gram flour, lentil flour, oats and orange peel help get rid of impurities and blackheads and gives your skin that beautiful glow.

These are just a few tips for starters but they will take you a long way. As promised, they will also not break the bank. They are just a few things to follow diligently every day, and do it right. And in no time, you can compete with those Bollywood or Hollywood stars in terms of whose skin radiates the most!

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