Herbal Blood Cleansing Programme

Hemohills Natural Blood Purifier Programme kit is a complete assortment of tablets and capsules that contain ingredients that aid in the process of body cleansing and purifying.

The kit primarily consists of three items which are:

  1. Hemohills 60 tablets –   A Blood Purifier
  2. Triphalahills 60 tablets – For Digestion
  3. Neemhills 60 tablets – A Blood Purifier

All three works together to effectively give the body quick results by aiding digestion and thus enabling blood purification too.

Hemohills Tablet

This is an uncommon blend of unique all-natural herbs which aids the body in detoxification and purification of the blood. Some of the primary ingredients of this tablet are Manjishtha, Sariva, Balharde and Haritaki.

In Ayurveda, Manjishtha is thought to be one of the best blood purifiers. It assists in the process of wiping out toxins from the body. Another component, Sariva is also well-known for its blood purification and cooling ability. Similarly, Balharde too acts as an astringent, tonic & blood purifier.

Triphalahills Tablet

A formulation of 3 fruits (Haritaki, Baheda & Amla), Triphala is known to help in digestion and is a popular wonder herb effectively used in Ayurveda. Triphala has been historically used as a digestive cleanser and toner. It is comprehensively used in Ayurveda to help treat various disorders and conditions. Prominently used as a laxative, it has many more benefits as well. It is recognized as a dominant body stimulant which helps further health and aids in managing the overall body condition. It regenerates organs in the body and at the same time, detoxifies and clears the body which also leads to replenishment. All this makes you feel young and energetic.

Neemhills Tablet

Neem is a tree which has an unbelievable assortment of beneficial properties. It has gained popularity in the medicinal field for its variety of uses. It is considered to be a leading all-natural blood purifier which has detoxifying properties as well. One of its attributes is that it is analgesic and antiseptic in nature. This is becoming a favourite due to its numerous benefits to the skin; it also makes the skin glow and eliminates itching and reddening.

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