How Maharasnadi powder gives you relief from joint pain

Maharasnadi is an immensely beneficial and popular Ayurvedic medicine and it is commonly known as Rasnadi Kwath, Kashaya, Kwath etc. The medicinal plant is known to have several inflammatory properties and benefits. The powder follows a traditional Ayurvedic formula as described in the traditional texts.

The benefits of Maharasnadi powder are:

Relief from Joint Pain

The Maharasnadi powder prepared out of the classic Ayurvedic formulation of twenty six herbs is very effective in relieving joint pain. It contains several bio-enhancing ingredients and properties which also help in increasing the efficiency of other herbal products.

It is considered to be of most help in acute Vata cases, i.e. help in maintaining the health of bones and joints. With its anti-inflammatory properties and anti-rheumatic ingredients, it helps vastly in maintaining healthy bones and well-functioning joints. It pacifies the Vata dosha and relieves pain and swelling. Other bone related problems such as gout, arthritis, rheumatism, hemiplegia etc. can be treated using Maharasnadi powder.

Other Benefits and uses

The signature Ayurvedic powder is available in new and traditional compositions. It is an herbal product that helps in improving metabolism and at the same time is effective against several other kinds of diseases. The plant has been researched upon extensively by scientists and even the research support its traditional implementation and uses.


Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners advice that the Maharasnadi is effective and beneficial when taken in small doses twice a day and should be taken before food every day in twelve hours intervals.
You can consume it using water and blend it along with little ginger, long pepper, castor oil, etc. There are no known side effects of using this medicine.

The powder can also be used for treatment of inflammatory disorders. It is generally consumed in a liquid form but is also available in herb mixture, tablets etc.

And before you know it, your joints and limbs are in better condition!

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