How Obese Children with Certain Disabilities can Achieve Weight Management Naturally


Reducing excess weight from the body is already quite difficult and when it comes to helping a person with certain disabilities to lose excess weight it becomes a bigger challenge. The matter of fact is that these people cannot take care of themselves. They need a guardian who can help them devise a healthy lifestyle for them to reduce weight effectively.

Weight Management Tips

  • Lifestyle

Since a child with any disability, may not be able to judge the right food items as well as adopt good eating habits, it is you who has to step in and take care of him/her.

  • Try purchasing healthy food items for your special child. The food items could be high in protein and less in carbohydrates. Items with high fat content and low nutrition value should be kept away from him. Also, junk food should be a strict no-no for the child. Try preparing nutritious meals at home.


  • Make the child drink water half an hour before a meal so that it helps them consume lesser volumes of food and also prevents them from putting on extra weight. Do remember to take him to toilet on time as extra water would mean frequent urination.


  • Try giving grapefruit to your child. It is a natural herb with fat burning characteristics.


  • Physical Activity

You should accompany your child to the playground and involve him in some sort of sports activities. Take care of your child while he plays. Sports and games help burn extra fat deposited in the body and hence helps reduce weight. If you do not have much time to take him out to the playground, the other way is to associate him with some club that entertains children with special abilities. By interacting and playing with others, and playing some sport ensures that weight can be managed and also excess weight from the body can be eliminated.


Dealing with obese children having certain disabilities may seem to be a little difficult to start with, but once you start involving them in healthy lifestyle activities, they might not learn it but start accepting it easily as they realize that it is benefitting them a lot.

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