How Women can take to Running for Optimum Weight Management.

One of the most effective ways to slim down is to run. It is an efficient and natural way to burn your body fat. 30 – 40 minutes of running every day is enough to keep you in shape. This article discusses various points that will prepare you for running effectively and efficiently.

Tips for Running

Slow and steady

  • Start slowly. Begin with 4-6 minutes of brisk walk. After that, jog for 1 minute at a comfortable speed. Then walk again for 4-6 minutes. Continue this alternate movement continuously for the first few days. This would help in building stamina and also prevent soreness in your body.


  • Starting next week try reducing walking time to half a minute and the following week it should be zero. Start increasing your running intervals simultaneously. From a 1 minute jog, aim to reach 5-6 minutes of jog with no intervals of brisk walking. As you feel comfortable doing it, increase the distance and the time of your jog.


Using the right size and type of shoes for running is very important. light weight sports shoes should be used for running purpose. It helps in maintaining proper balance and keeps your foot in the right shape while you run.

Sports Bra

Make sure you get the right sports bra for you according to the size of your breast. It is important because when you run, the muscles of your breasts also move. They contain ligaments that are inelastic in nature. So if they get stretched while running, it will lead to sagging breasts.


Running can be a fun activity if done with consistency. It pays off well by removing the extra amount of fat present in your body. Start building up your stamina gradually and enjoy the outcome of running having an attractive body and better health.

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