Interesting Facts About Vitamin B12

If you are under the impression that Vitamin B12 is just like the other Vitamins, then you are mistaken.

It does much more than you know. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about B12.

Not from plants or animals: Unlike other Vitamins, B12 is made from microorganisms. This is the reason, plants do not contain Vitamin B12 and animals do.

Fatigue: One of the most popular benefits of Vitamin B12 is relief from fatigue, while it not only relieves fatigue but is also known to increase energy levels in individuals who do not have deficiency.

- Detoxification: When used in the form of Methylcobalamin B12, it’s known to be detoxifying.

Storage: The only water-soluble Vitamin which can be stored for later. It is stored in the liver.

Absorption: B12 cannot be absorbed as easily as other Vitamins by the body as it has a complicated requirement.

Requirement:  This is a Vitamin with the lowest daily requirement.

- Content: The only Vitamin which contains metal, cobalt. Hence, the chemical name cobalamin.

Age: Stomach acid plays a key role in the absorption of B12 and as you age, the amount of acid produced is reduced. And hence, people over a       certain age, say over 50 years of age are at risk.

Building block of the body: Has an important role to play in metabolism, proliferation of all cells in the body which not only include red blood cells but also DNA (genetic material of all cells).

Working: B12 is one of the only Vitamins which can begin absorption in the mouth in unbound crystalline forms.

Symptoms: Since B12 can be stored in the liver for long periods, to run out of it may take a while and that is when the symptoms show up. Basically, the symptoms of deficiency take a long time to present themselves, even for a period of 5-6 years!

All in all, all Vitamins have their only special benefits which they provide to our body. Ignoring one Vitamin and leaning towards the other is not the key. All nutrients can be sought by the body if a proper balanced diet is followed.

And like everything else, supplements are available.  

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