Liquorice- Save Your Eyes

You might have heard of liquorice, that really pungent candy that’s really chewy and has an acquired taste which is not up everyone’s alley. Well, that horrible taste comes from a compound that is found in the root of the liquorice plant. Yes, it’s the root that’s going to get rid of your bad eyesight. Apart from candy, liquorice is also used in Ayurveda for its medicinal purposes.

What Does It Help With?

Myopia, otherwise known as short-sightedness, is caused when light can’t hit the right spot inside your eye because the eyeball has become longer than it’s supposed to be. This makes images look very hazy and unclear. More often than not, the solution for myopia is wearing glasses or contact lenses and God knows how uncomfortable those can get! Some people are even forced to resort to corrective surgery to improve their eyesight.

That Sounds Kind Of Scary...

So, what is the solution to this? Liquorice is! Yes, that bitter tasting root, when powdered and mixed with honey, ghee and milk becomes a miracle cure for myopia.

After being dried, powdered and mixed with milk and honey, it even tastes a whole lot better than it does otherwise.

And no, this isn’t the only great thing about it – there’s so much more. It’s another one of those miracle drugs which are rare but have been in existence since ancient times.

  1. It’s great for getting rid of coughs, colds and other minor illnesses. This is usually achieved when it’s had as tea.

  2. For all you tea lovers out there, YES, IT CAN BE HAD AS TEA!

  3. Liquorice can cure stomach ulcers and soothe any gastric irritation.

  4. It improves digestion and metabolism.

  5. Constipation can also be pushed away (quite literally) with regular use of liquorice.

  6. It also helps handle PMS and menstrual cramps.

This Is Amazing!

Yes it is. Are you floored yet? You should be. It’s not very often that something so simple and easy becomes the solution to all your problems. And to think, you thought it was just some icky candy!

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