Natural Appetite Regulators for Weight Management


Obesity has become a global health concern as per the WHO. One in three people are obese and overweight. It is increasing in an uncontrolled manner and growing at a rapid pace. Individuals of all age groups, starting from a new born child to an older person are affected by it.

There are basically 3 reasons for obesity to occur which includes genetics, lifestyle and diseases. In any of these 3 cases, the weight of an individual can be reduced by altering the diet. Appetite suppressants are normally used for this role.

This article focuses on various natural appetite suppressants that can be consumed by an individual to reduce weight.

 Natural Appetite Regulators


Water is the most common natural appetite suppressant easily accessible by any individual. It is recommended to consume at least 1-2 glasses of water half an hour before the meal. This leads to feeling fuller and you eat less than what you normally would consume in a meal. Drinking water half an hour before a meal also activates the metabolic system of your body which is essential for digesting food properly and preventing it from being stored as fat.


Fibrous food has a property of delaying the digestion of food in the intestine and also makes your stomach feel full, hence suppressing the secretion of hunger hormone i.e. cortisol. When production of cortisol does not happen in the body, the urge to eat also decreases.


Caffeine consumption in the form of coffee or green tea works as a natural appetite suppressant and also helps in burning excess fat present in your body naturally.

Hoodia gordonii

It is found in the Kalahari jungles and is considered to be an effective natural appetite suppressant. It works by acting directly on the hunger centre in the brain and suppresses the release of cortisol in the body.


It is found in the jungles of Africa and is said to be quite effective in suppressing hunger and fighting against obesity.

The Outline

It is very important to control your hunger when you are on a weight loss program. At the end, it’s all about what you consume. These natural appetite suppressants act as a catalyst in achieving your goal.

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