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Nurture your Kidneys for Life!

Our kidneys play the most important role of filtration of waste and toxins in our body. Their vital functions include waste excretion, regulating the BP, balancing water levels and adjusting acid levels.

But sometimes, when they get overburdened, the well-adjusted functioning of our whole body goes into a toss and leads to life threatening problems.

Ways in which kidneys get impaired

Being overweight or obese

Exposure to toxins like mercury

Prolonged use of certain medications

Overuse of artificial sweeteners

Eating lots of junk food which are loaded with artificial preservatives and additives

Medical conditions like high BP and Diabetes

Detrimental habits like drinking and smoking

Simple tips to improve kidney function

In the initial stages of impairment, it is possible to nurture the kidneys back to their health by following the steps below:

Drink at least 3 litres of water every day.

Get fit and work towards your ideal body weight. Exercise regularly.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Avoid processed foods high on trans-fat and other chemicals.

Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.

Keep a close eye on your BP and get it checked regularly.

Vitamin D is crucial for the healthy functioning of kidneys. Ensure you are getting enough of it through adequate exposure to sunlight.

Research indicates that spirulina helps in protecting the kidney from the toxicity of cancer treatment and other strong medications.

Do not self-medicate as this may inadvertently lead to damage of kidney. Always take medicine after consulting your doctor.

Ayurvedic supplements like Punarnavahills and Stonhills are very effective in maintaining kidney health. They are completely natural and made of herbs. Punarnavahills rejuvenates the urogenital system and maintains efficient functioning of the kidneys. Stonhills is an awesome blend of various herbs that detoxify and optimize kidney functioning.



Various intrinsic and extrinsic factors burden the kidneys and hamper its smooth functioning. This may lead to various medical complications.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to take good care of kidneys, in order to live healthily and to avoid ailments. Healthy eating, regular exercising, and weight management are key to not only kidney health but for the overall wellbeing and health of the body.

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