Our very Own Tree Turmeric or Daruhaldi and its Immense Benefits

Berberis aristata is a botanical name of Daruhaldi. It is found in the Himalayan valleys and in the Southern regions of India. It resembles turmeric but it is not exactly turmeric too. It is considered to be a very useful plant as far as medicinal value is concerned. The most common application is making a paste or juice and using it for different health-related purposes.

This plant has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties. Ayurveda has been using this plant for making Ayurvedic medicines, traditionally for healing wounds, skin diseases, jaundice, conjunctivitis, and cleansing the digestive track. The plant’s fruits are edible and rich in Vitamin C.

Medicinal Properties

The fruits of Daruhaldi can be given as a laxative to children.

Ophthalmia can be cured by the application of dried extract of the roots.

The stem is useful in helping combat Rheumatism.

Intermittent fevers can be cured using this herb.

It’s an excellent medication for sun-blindness.

A very potent mixture called Rasaut is prepared from this plant. This is derived by boiling the lower part of the stem in water till a semisolid mass is left behind. It is mixed with butter or lime juice and is applied externally to the eyelids to cure ophthalmia or conjuctivitis and other eye diseases. It is also reported to be a mild laxative, a tonic and is useful in curing ulcers and fevers even.

The main component obtained from the plant is Barberine, which is a bitter alkaloid. Rasaut finds its usage as a laxative for children as a blood-purifier, a tonic or even as a medicine to control fever. Rasaut can be used in combination with various items to make a perfect remedy for curing specific conditions. This preparation is also used for washing piles, glandular swellings and certain sores.

From the medicinal point of view, the Daruhaldi plant is of great importance. Almost every part of this plant can be used and it is a part of many Ayurvedic preparations and formulations. Preparations obtained from this plant are used in curing many human ailments. Other than that, some rural communities use the roots of this plant to make an intoxicating drink.

So, there is no stopping the long list of benefits Daruhaldi seems to give isn’t it? The more you read, the more the benefits seem to grow. It’s time to stock up on some Daruhaldi at home!

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