Oushadha Kanji: An Ayurvedic Shield

What is Oushadha Kanji?

Oushadha Kanji is a homemade remedy for illnesses that surface especially during the monsoon months. Whether it is boosting your immunity, fighting a fever or detoxifying for a time period, Oushadha Kanji is there for you. Typically taken during the months of July and august, this rice porridge recipe originated in the State of Kerala.

A number of herbs and spices are used in the traditional recipe. The taste of the end product is an acquired one. Whether you like it or not, eat it. It is medicine after all.

The Process

You must be asking, can I make this at home, though? You absolutely can! The traditional recipe uses multiple ingredients, all precisely measured to ensure that you get the right amount of fighting capacity during the monsoons. The main ingredient in the porridge is rice, of course. Only Navarra rice, native to Kerala is used in the recipe.

The following is a list of herbs that are used in the recipe:

?       Aniseed

?       Coriander Seeds (Malli)

?       Fenugreek Seeds (Uluva)

?       Cardamom (Elakka)

?       Dry Ginger (Chukku)

?       Caraway Seeds (Aashali)

?       Cumin Seeds (Jeerakam)

?       Cloves (Grambu)

?       Dried Turmeric (Varattu Manjal)

?       Black Cumin (Karimjeerakam)

?       Ajwain/Carom Seeds (Ayamodakam)

?       Uzhinjil

?       Thazhuthama

?       Common Wireweed (Kurunthotti)

?       Puthirichundu

?       Changlam Piranda

?       Karikurinji

5 gms of each of these spices would be sufficient. Cow’s milk or coconut milk is used to cook the mixture well.

The Benefits

One can also use pulses in the porridge. The nutrients in the pulses help manage rheumatoid arthritis, which usually rears its head during monsoons. The herbs in this recipe were not chosen because they might be hard to find in your local grocery shop. They were chosen since each of these has properties that include settling an upset stomach (E.g.: Ginger, Uzhinjil), dealing effectively with indigestion problems (E.g.: Fenugreek seeds, Ajwain, Aniseeds) or easing arthritis (E.g.: Turmeric).

It is important to note that if you are not a culinary genius and cannot successfully acquire all the ingredients, there are ready-to-cook Oushadha Kanji kits available in the market.

So this monsoons, wear the natural Ayurvedic health shield and gain more immunity and resistance powers.

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