Physical therapy may control blood pressure

Physical Therapy May Control Blood Pressure

Human body requires a certain level of blood pressure in order to pump blood throughout the arteries.

When the arteries become narrowed, the heart must pump faster in order to carry out the necessary functions of the body. If this pressure is too high it may put a force on arteries and heart increasing risk of a heart attack, a stroke and kidney problems.  

There are a number of physical therapy techniques that can help to lower blood pressure in conjunction with healthy, positive and lifestyle changes.  Physical therapy can help patients with a wide range of medical conditions to begin with an exercise that is safe and effective. Physiotherapist will work with patients to identify what changes in lifestyles are necessary and achievable. With an advanced understanding of how the body moves; Physiotherapists promote wellness, mobility and independence. As exercise experts, especially in the treatment of long term and chronic conditions, physiotherapists provide services for a wide range of people to optimize their physical activity. They prescribe exercise as part of a life. Stress relief is another major factor in reducing hypertension. Regular physical activity makes heart stronger and   blood vessels more flexible. A strong heart can pump more blood with less effort and force on arteries decreases, thereby lowering blood pressure. For hypertensive patients massage can be a powerful weapon in lowering blood pressure readings. Massage is so helpful to reduce steroid hormones, a good indicator of stress levels.

Although pharmacological treatments can be costly and necessary for treating some BP conditions, lifestyle modifications should also be implemented whenever possible. The role of exercise has been shown to be consequential in lowering both systolic and diastolic BP. Hypertensive clients should always be in contact with their physician to monitor blood pressure. 

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