Surprising Foods to Help Combat Colds

A General Idea

Is your nose runny? Are you sneezing? Have a sore throat? Does your chest feel congested? These symptoms definitely denote the most common cold. Though there are other possible indications like headaches and fever, basically colds are respiratory infections that are onset by viruses. The thought of getting colds through viruses is one but there is a chance that the reason you are falling sick is a weak immune system which lets the virus enter the body.

There are a number of foods and nutrients that can help keep a cold at bay.

And these Cold Fighting Foods include:

1. Sardines

Belonging to the fish family, Sardines are fatty fish which are rich in omega 3 fats. According to research, these fats help in reducing the risk of heart disease and inflammation in the body.  Omega 3 is known to improve the functioning of immune cells and thus boosting immunity. Other important nutrients are also provided by Sardines which help build immunity. Some nutrients found in these fatty fish are protein, calcium and Vitamin D.

2. Yellow Bell Peppers

Vitamin C is much sought after by people especially when they are feeling sick. And a very good source of Vitamin C is yellow bell peppers. Time and again, Vitamin C has been used to cure respiratory infections. Vitamin C can help in providing relief from symptoms of cold and regular consumption of the Vitamin will help in shortening the span of common infections and reduce the harshness of the symptoms. In fact some groups of people need Vitamin C more than others like athletes, the elderly and children.

3. Mushrooms

Since long, mushrooms have been considered to offer immune boosting benefits. They are a rich source of Vitamin B, selenium and antioxidants. Mushrooms come with antiviral effects and consuming them is said to increase the production of infection fighting cells. Vitamins which are present in mushrooms (niacin and thiamine) help in building and keeping the immune system healthy and fit. A variety of mushrooms in particular called shiitake has nutrients that have the ability to bring up immunity.

4. Alcoholic Beverages

It is a known fact that alcohol is used to sterilize things. But it definitely does not sterilize things inside your body! Alcohol does not wipe out viruses but in fact may worsen the condition by causing increased dehydration, cold and throat problems and more.

Although, on the other hand, regular consumption of alcohol like a glass a day, can help keep sickness at bay according to some studies. But, as a cautionary note, more than a drink or two is not advisable as it can be detrimental.

5. Chicken Soup

Yes, the age old saying is in fact true – Chicken soup does help to cure the common cold. Basically, as the liquid is warm, it helps to keep the body hydrated and also loosens mucus and eases sore throats. The combination of broth, chicken and vegetables are said to have anti-inflammatory properties which can comfort symptoms, and reduce the span of respiratory tract infections. The general ingredients used in the soup are chicken, onion, sweet potato, turnip, carrot, celery stalk, parsley, salt and pepper.  

6. Citrus Fruits with Peel

Citrus fruits are a rich source of Vitamin C and they are good to eat on a regular basis. Not only the fruit, but the peel also has many benefits. They are both loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants which help in fighting cold. A simple method to include the peel could be citrus vinaigrette for salads.

7. Ginger

Ginger, a versatile spice has been used in the field of medicine since ancient times. It has been used to prevent, treat and cure a variety of medical conditions. Ginger Tea can help with nausea and also with primary symptoms of cold not including fever.   

As you now know

Add a variety of foods to your diet to maintain a healthy immune system and if you want to boost your Vitamin C, then have the Vitamin C friendly foods.  It is a given that you will not catch the common cold that easily! The cold then will not be common anymore!

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