Treat periodontal disease with nutraceuticals

Treat Periodontal Disease With Nutraceuticals

 Now it has become evident that Oxidative stress, high cell turnover and many times just poor nutrition are major issues of periodontal disease.

Because of increasing awareness, nutrition is playing important role in the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease. Vitamins, supplements, and a regime of healthy eating are often recommended. It has become evident that poor nutrition is a major factor in periodontal disease. Additionally, there is a greater need for nutritional support during the recovery period after dental treatment .PerioTherapy by Pharmaden, is specially formulated with the blend of nutritive ingredients, which allow the body to fight infection and disease from within. It is designed to provide nutritional support for gum health and whole-body health. PerioCare may be recommended for preventing gum disease, or maintaining the results of periodontal treatment.  It is formulated to strengthen the immune system and thereby promoting healthy gum tissues.   Nutrients found in PerioTherapy are Co-enzyme Q-10, grape seed extract, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B-12, Echinacea, and black pepper.  It can treat heart disease and also improve side effect of oral health.

 According to a study conducted by the Loma Linda University Dental School in California, PerioTherapy by Pharmaden helps to reduce gingivitis, pocket depth, and bleeding.. Each patient was instructed to take dental nutraceutical supplements for 60 days that were specifically manufactured to combat periodontal disease. The goal of the trial was to examine whether nutraceuticals directly improve each patient’s periodontal disease in terms of pocket depth, bleeding index, gingival index and attachment level. At the end of the study, it was noted that, no adverse side effects were reported by the participants. Pharmaden Nutraceuticals protect your gums, restore gum health, and help offset bone loss in your mouth.

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