The Au-Natural Remedies to Help ease Constipation

In another article we read and got some insight and understanding about constipation.

Now, we shall take a look into what natural remedies are available to help cure Constipation

1. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds have an oily composition and this helps if the stool is dry. It moisturizes the intestine.

2. Fibre

Fibre is a natural cleanser of waste particles from the digestive system. It adds substance to the stool and hence the GI tract gets a grip and helps the stool move along the pipe. Food rich in fibres are bran cereals, beans, lentils, flaxseeds, oats, almonds, barley, several vegetables, dry fruits and fresh fruits. Along with fibre drinking a lot of water is necessary to make the stool soft so that it can pass easily. 

3. Mint or Ginger Tea

Two home remedies that help assuage digestive problems are mint and ginger. Menthol which is found in peppermint helps the muscles of the digestive tract relax as it has an antispasmodic effect. Ginger is hot in nature and this causes the body to generate warmth and heat up. This heat accelerates dragging digestion. Hot liquids too like tea, coffee etc. trigger digestion and provide relief to constipation.

4. Healthy fats

Healthy fats are obtained from olive oil, nuts and avocadoes. These healthy fats help in providing lubrication to the intestines which then eases constipation.  

5. Lemon water

Citric acid present in lemon juice acts as a catalyst to digestion and flushes out waste and toxins from the body. In addition to this, lemon juice also improves digestion in the long run. 

6. Raisins

Raisins have fibre and tartaric acid, both of which have a laxative effect. Some other foods high in fibre are cherries and apricots. 

7. Prunes

Another remedy for getting digestion back in line is prunes which are again rich in fibre. Few other compounds present in prunes also stimulate the contraction of intestines which makes it easier to go to the bathroom. Prunes have a tendency to cause bloating hence figs can be substituted to avoid as much bloating. 

8. Castor oil

A fix that has been handed down for centuries, castor oils’ primary use is as a laxative. An element present in the oil breaks down into ingredients which helps the large and small intestine and prevents and eases constipation. 

You should do this

Before jumping to buy laxatives from the shops or medical stores, try these simple and yet Natural Remedies for constipation and Herbal Remedies for constipation to relieve constipation instantly.

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