The Homeopathy Route to help treat Adenoids

Adenoids are tissues that are located behind the nose and the roof of the mouth. They are not directly visible and can be seen by using a medical scope or via x-ray. The main function of an adenoid is to stop bacteria from entering the system through the nasal passage. Many times adenoids become inflamed in kids as the body begins fighting a bacterial infection. This causes a blockage in the nasal passage due to which a child has difficulty breathing through the nose.

The symptoms of enlarged adenoids would be:

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Breathing from the mouth
  • Green or yellow mucus discharge
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Snoring when sleeping in the night
  • Recurring ear infections
  • A nasal tone and voice when speaking
  • Breathing noisily
  • Persistent sinus symptoms

In most cases, adenoids shrink with age but sometimes in children and adults, enlarged adenoids make the process of breathing discomforting. Surgery is the conventional method of removing adenoids.

Curing Adenoids with Homeopathy

However, Homeopathy has many medications which are effective in treating adenoids. Surgery involves pre and post care which is a difficult process, but through alternate medicines and management therapies this is an easier approach enlarged adenoids can be treated effectively.

Homeopathy has up to 28 different types of medicines which can help treat swollen adenoids. These are few common medicines recommended in Homeopathy to treat adenoids.

Agraphis: Agraphis is used to treat enlarged adenoids and middle ear infection. It helps in clearing stuffy nose and opening the hearing passage which could be blocked due to inflamed adenoids.

Baryta Carbonica: Baryta Carbonica is used to treat inflamed adenoids and tonsillitis. Baryta Carbonica is useful in treating recurrent tonsillitis infections among children.

Hydrastis: Hydrastis is useful in clearing mucus in the nasal passage. It provides relief from throat and nose block caused by mucus and helps in reducing bacterial infections.

Tuberculinum: Tuberculinum is used in medicines to treat enlarged adenoids, tonsils and lymph nodes. It is very effective for children who get recurrent infections.

Agraphis nutans 30: Agraphis nutans is effective in providing relief when a child breathes from the mouth, recurrent cold infections, and has diminished hearing due to a nasal block.

A Homeopathy doctor would be able to treat enlarged adenoids with medications suitable as per the child’s or adult’s conditions. The dosage and usage would be recommended by the doctor.

Apart from medication, preventive measures can also provide relief from adenoid symptoms such as gargling with warm salt water, consuming fresh fruits, freshly cooked vegetables and avoid sharing of drinking cups. Children must wash their hands regularly after using the toilet. They must use a tissue for sneezing or coughing to avoid bacteria from spreading. Turmeric milk, Basil water decoction is helpful in soothing the throat and fighting against bacteria.

We homeopathy and these preventives will help you manage and treat enlarged adenoids and keep you healthy.

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