Unani Medicines

Unani means medicines which are a symbol of life. Unani medicine is an ancient system of medicine that uses a wide variety of methods for diagnosing and treating many different medical conditions. “Unani” literally means “Greek.”

It is practiced throughout Asia and especially in India. Unani  medicine plays an important role in health care delivery as its medicines are cheaper and affordable to a common man. Unani medicine strives to find the best possible ways by which a person can lead a healthy life with the least sickness. Unani medicine believes that diseases can be kept at bay by the use of clean and fresh water, breathing clean air and consuming fresh food. Likewise, a balance should be maintained between the mind and the body so that the metabolic process can take place easily and the body waste evacuated.

Unani System is Herbo-animo mineral and marine in origin using items such as plants and their parts (leaf, seed, flowers, bark etc.), animal’s organs (liver, brain, fat etc.), mineral and metals (stones, silver, gold etc.)  Unani medicines are safe and efficacious against diseases like, viral hepatitis, jaundice, malaria, and filaria, skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, digestive disorders, bronchial asthma, sinusitis, arthritis, neuromuscular disorders, GIT diseases, sexual disorders, respiratory system disorders and cardiovascular system diseases. These medicines also include diet, lifestyle changes, herbal or pharmaceutical therapy. Unani medicines are also helpful to treat diseases like diabetes, kidney stone, cancer as well as weight loss etc.

Unani medicine has similarities to Ayurveda. Both are based on theory of the presence of the elements including air, earth, water, and fire. Practitioners believe that these elements are present in different fluids and their balance leads to health and their imbalance leads to illness or disease. According to the principles of Unani medicine, disease is a natural process, its symptoms are the reactions of the body to the disease and the primary function of the Unani physician is to aid the natural forces of the body.

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