For those who suffer from obesity or overweight, losing weight is incredibly difficult. Because of this more and more people are turning towards supplement to make it easier. Green bean extracts is one of the most popular weight loosing supplement in the world right now.

What is exactly Green Coffee Bean

As the name suggests it is the extract of Green Coffee Beans.  Green Coffee beans are the coffee beans which are yet to be roasted or the unroasted beans. Green Coffee beans contain Chlorogenic Acid in it which is said to be the reason for the weight loss. Green Coffee bean is said to be effective in weight loss as oppose to coffee beans because while roasting the coffee beans it loses Chlorogenic acid which aids weight loss. Quality while taking supplements is also essential.

However the main ingredient in green coffee beans is Chlorogenic acid, it also contains some amount of caffeine in it. Several studies have shown that caffeine tends to boost the metabolism by 3-11%.


Green Coffee beans extract does contain caffeine in it which can cause caffeine related problems. If you are sensitive to caffeine than you should be careful with green coffee bean extract.

Pregnant and breast feeding women and children should avoid taking green coffee.

The appropriate dose of green coffee depends on several factors such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. Consult your health care as to how much dosage should be appropriate for you.

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