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What are some Homeopathic Medications to help treat Dengue?

There is a certain culture shift in medicine as people are turning to alternate medicines to cure their illnesses rather than sticking to traditional medicine. Homeopathy is one such alternative wellness medication that is popular in India. Homeo uses active substances in small proportions and works on the principle of ‘Similarity’ or ‘Similia’.

Many have used homeopathy for various ailments and have seen positive results. But, is homeopathy effective in curing diseases like Dengue? Let’s see.

Treatment for Dengue

Dengue causes a lot of afflictions in the body such as severe body and muscle pains (Which is why it is also called Break-bone fever), pain behind the eye, high fever and skin rashes. For the treatment of Dengue, medications to treat these afflictions separately are given to the persons.

Are There Any Homeopathic Medicines Available for Dengue?

Yes, there are several homeopathic medications available in the market that can help you keep Dengue at bay. Homeopathy has come up with many cures for the prevention and treatment of dengue and these medicines are proving to be very effective in combating the deadly disease. These medicines also do not have any major side effects when you take it.

Homeopathic Medicines for Dengue

There are over 25 medicines available in the market that can help you cure Dengue and the different complaints that are associated with the disease.  Out of these medicines, the most famous one is Eupatorium perfoliatum and Echinacea angustifolia. These medicines should be taken once or twice a day, depending on your physician’s advice. Some of the other homeo medicines that help combat Dengue are Ipecac, Crotallis - Horridus, and Hamamelis. Eupatorium Perfoliatum is also helpful if you have muscle and joint pains. It can also bring down the body temperature and is beneficial in providing good relief.

Homeo has found cure for many deadly ailments. Apart from being safe, these medications are very effective and results can be seen within weeks. Use these medicines regularly to fight diseases like Dengue too.

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