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Giloy xt, 500mg

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MountainAge Giloy is a ayurvedic product for supporting healthy function of the immune system. It is recognized for its immunostimulatory activity. This Ayurvedic herb helps in strengthening the weak immune system and facilitates recovery from infections.

Regular intake of Giloy helps in elevating the antioxidant status of the body. The herb is a powerful antimicrobial agent and is effective against an array of pathogenic bacteria species. It also helps in mineralization of bones and is recommended in Ayurveda for strengthening the cartilages and bones and for anti-arthritic use. The hepatoprotective activity of Giloy makes it a beneficial herb for the liver health. In the traditional medicine of India, Giloy is even used for lowering the elevated blood glucose level.

MountainAge’ Giloy supplement contains premium quality Giloy or Tinospora cordifolia stem extract. It is a contaminant and chemical free natural product.


1.   Giloy Capsules are used for soothing inflamed mucous membrane in the digestive tract.

2.   It protects the stomach and duodenum by increasing production of mucin.

3.   The juice of the roots of this herb is very effective in Urinary problems.

4.   The whole plant has been traditionally used in various mental disorders. It is being regarded as one of the best herbal supplements in India for the treatment of mental diseases.

5.   It is used in conditions like weakness, dyspepsia, pyrexia, swine flu and urinary tract infections.

6.   The bitter properties present in the herbal supplement show antiperiodic and antispasmodic properties, which are again helpful in the prevention of swine flu.

7.   It is also used as an immune-modulator of certain diseases like obstructive jaundice, hepatic fibrosis and peritonitis.

8.   Giloy Capsules have been found very effective in preventing fibrous changes and promoting regeneration of the liver against hepatic toxicity.

9.   It is also used in stomach ulcer, urinary affections, diabetes and certain metabolic disorders.

10.     Giloy Capsules of Planet Ayurveda can help a lot you to deal with the condition called ITP (Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura) and Dengue effectively with increasing your blood platelets count in a natural way.

11.     Use of Giloy capsules along with curcumin capsules for regular are result giving in every type of cancer. This helps to reduce the growth of extra cells and stop them from multiplying as well.

12.     Giloy capsles are capable to fight every type of infectuion in the body, which occur due to low immunity and side wise provides stamina to stand with.

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