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Noni was Introduced by the Polynesians into Hawaiian a long time ago, where it acquired the common name Noni. The Original Uses of the fruit have been located for over two thousand years.Traditional uses of the Noni fruit includes treatment of sores and scalps around or in the mouth, heeling or cracking of toes and feet, body or intestinal worm, cuts, wounds, mouth and gum infections, rheumatism, stomach ulcers, Hypertension. Noni beganto catch the eye of researchers Worldwide and have revealed the amazing qualities of Noni fruit. Dr. Ralph Heinicke became aware of the marvelous benefits of the Noni fruit and set out to find the pharmacologically active ingredient of Noni.Dr Ralph Heinicke spent over 45 years studying the effects of an alkaloid he discovered and named Xeronine, which according to his studies works at the molecular level to repair damaged cells.Along with Proxeronine, Noni contains Anthraquinones, Soluble and insoluble fibre, amino acides, fatty acids.
Noni is useful as:
Cardiovascular diseases
Chronic fatigue
Digestive problems
Immune deficiency
         As per Ayurvedic Literature
English Name- Kokum
Latin Name- Garciniaindica
The Kokum Butter tree is native to the evergreen forests of the western ghats region of India along the western coast.
A sugary pulp, known as ‘AmritKokam’ is extracted from the rind to make sherbet. Malic acid is the principle acid pulp and the total soluble solids are about 16%. It is rich in Antioxidant.
Various uses of Kokum are:
v As a remedy for dysentery.
v In skin ailments such as rashes caused by allergies and in treatment of burns, scalds and chaffed skin.
v Improves Digestion and appetite.
v It aids weight loss.
        As per Ayurvedic Literature

Ashwagandha :
Hindi- Asgandh
English- Indian Ginseng
Latin Name-  WithaniaSomnifera
Ashwagandha extract contains Anahygrine, Hygrine, Tropine, Choline, Withasomnine, Somniferine, Withaninine, Scopeletin and other compounds.
Effects of Ashwagandha-
v Anti-stress effect
v Anti-inflammatory effect
v Antioxidant effect
It is useful as to control:
Arthritis, Analgesia
      As per Ayurvedic Literature

Ingredients : Each 30ml. contains: Morinda citrifolia 1000mg, Garcinia indica 50mg, Withania somnifera 100mg, Sugar free base q.s. & Permitted colours & flavors q.s.

Storage Instructions : Avoid direct sunlight. Keep bottle tightly closed. Consume within 30 days after opening.

Directions : 15-30ml in the morning & evening or as directed by physician.

Safety Warnings : â€‹Pregnat and nursing women, persons with special medical conditions should consult their health care provider before use.


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