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INLIFE Breast Care Combo Of Breast Enlargement Cream & Fenugreek Seed Oil Caps

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The combination of Fenugreek and Bust Enlargement Cream helps to uplift the volume of your breast.

Fenugreek seeds are nutritious and have a plethora of health benefits. Every woman, is recommended to consume fenugreek on a regular basis to regulate gynecological health. Breastfeeding mothers dealing with reduced milk supply often turn to herbs like fenugreek to produce more milk. Fenugreek seeds contain nicotinic acid and proteins that are an excellent source for hair growth. It contains large amounts of lecithin that makes hair strong and healthy and hydrates the hair.

Bust Enlargement Cream is made from natural herbs, like vidharikanda and upakunchika etc. that gives a complete care to your breast.

This specially formulated cream is packed with powerful extracts that may support cell growth, cell rejuvenation and cell renewal.

The cream gets well absorbed into your skin and supports the growth of tissues around your bust. The ingredients present in the cream penetrate deep into the cells and nourish them from within.

Fenugreek has a long history as the breast care product and retains diosgenin that is utilized to make synthetic estrogen.

It has been found to promote growth of new tissues around the breast. Bust enlargement cream is packed with Ayurveda herb extracts like vidharikanda are powerful extracts that promote cell growth and rejuvenation of damaged cells.

The cream gets well absorbed into the skin, and the ingredients present in the cream penetrates deep into cells and nourish the cells and tissues from within. It helps in enhancing the fat tissue around the breast and hence helps regulate the size.

Hence both of these products combined together will cause additive effects and helps enhance the growth and size of the breast in a more effective manner.




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