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Muscle Blaster 1 Kg Chocolate

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What is Muscle Blaster?

Tara Nutricare’s muscle blaster is a unique source of high quality protein supplement providing all the essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids. Its major components are Whey protein and Casein. It is further enhanced with digestive enzymes and bioavailability enhancer for maximum digestion and absorption.

 What are the different functions of Muscle Blaster?

Muscle Blaster provides fast digesting protein (whey protein hydrolysates) for quick recovery and slow digesting protein (casein) for sustained release of protein to create an anabolic environment for maximum muscle development.   

 The carbohydrate in muscle blaster is a mixture of short, medium and long chain polysaccharides that replenish glycogen stores instantly and provide long lasting energy supply for ultimate recovery after intense workout. It also contains micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and enzymes necessary for replenishing the extra load of tissue repair after strenuous exercise. 

Muscle Blaster is fortified with optimum quantities of digestive enzymes like proteases, amylase, fungal lactase, lipase and cellulose, which help in easy digestion and maximum absorption of proteins, carbohydrates, lactose, lipids and cellulose respectively.


Recommended usage:

Take 50g (1 serving one heaped scoop) with water and consume twice daily. For maximum results, combine Muscle Blaster with Tribulus Xtreme and Gluta- Ex Pure.  

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