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Qnt hydravol fruit punch flavour

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THE LATEST SCIENCE IN MUSCLE HYPER-HYDRATION Hydravol™ represents the latest science in muscle hyper-hydration, with the ‘Hydravol Muscle Volume & Strength Amplifier’, which creates the optimal environment for activating anabolic signaling pathways in muscle and enhancing neuromuscular function. Hydravol, with its unique anabolic trigger blend, featuring Creatine Pyruvate, leads to explosive increases in strength, muscle vasodilation and promotes harder, fatigue-resistant muscles. This results in dramatic gains in strength and lean muscle mass. LEUNOX™—LEUCINE SIGNAL & NITRIC OXIDE SYNTHESIS COMPLEX This unique complex contains a new, precise superfruit and antioxidant blend to increase Leucine synthesis. This increases muscle protein anabolism by maximizing the Leucine signal and further activating the anabolic pathways. Another key matrix in this powerful muscle activating blend was also found to enhance nitric oxide (NO) production, which leads to an increase in blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles. Each serving is purposely developed to minimize cellular damage, experienced from intense exercise. SWITCH ON YOUR NEUROTHERMIC ACTIVITY You want to be lit up pre-exercise, but not just with mega doses of caffeine that only make you crash. Each serving of Hydravol switches you on, enhancing concentration, stimulating mental alertness and improving thermoregulation. Hydravol makes you train with ferocious intensity and almost become resistant to fatigue, all without the crash.The more you use Hydravol, the quicker you achieve maximum muscle expansion.


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